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Since 2013, iDisciple has been leading people to be closer connected to God. Our mission is to connect people daily with God to make a global difference. iDisciple is designed to bring the very best of Christian content to users – at their fingertips, on-demand, when they want it. From growth plans to music, iDisciple offers a treasure trove of personalized content across the globe, no matter the location or device.



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For almost twenty years, Christian Cinema has been on a mission to provide the widest variety of Christian films to families of faith. Today, Christian Cinema is the industry leader in Digital Transactional Video on Demand, which enables consumers to buy and rent movies. Christian Cinema’s world-class digital platform is integrated across seven major platforms: Apple TV, iOS, Android, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire Tablets.





Dove.org was established in 1990 by a team of parents reviewing and providing Christian perspective for movies and other content. Over the years, the brand has grown into one of the most trusted resources for families to find the best choices for positive entertainment, as well as for filmmakers to ensure their moves are made and marketed with this audience in mind.




Formerly the website for the brick-and-mortar retail chain, FamilyChristian.com will be relaunching in late 2018 as a digital content platform for women with the mission of equipping families of faith through fresh, relevant content and meaningful products for purchase. Stay tuned for more information on the exciting relaunch of this iconic brand.


iDisciple Publishing is the publishing division of Giving Company, leveraging its position in the marketplace as a leader in content, data, and technology to help others connect and grow in their relationship with God. Through its relationship with world-class authors, iDisciple Publishing provides a suite of compelling, spiritual growth products such as devotionals, Bibles, study guides, and non-fiction works.